The Must-Know Top Home Design Trends of 2016

Interior design is shaking things up and steering clear of the status quo of years past. Going for the shock and awe factor, when stepping into a home well-versed in this year's trends you can be assured to see these home design trends below: 

Black Appliances: This year the chicest kitchens will be boasting appliances in sleek black. Modern and sophisticated, black is the new favorite color for appliances. In addition to trendy, these darker appliances hide dirt and grime that undoubtedly arises in a kitchen. Win-win!

Looking Smart Sans Smart-Devices: Recently it has been all about "keeping up with the Joneses" when it comes to tech- think smartphones, smart TVs and even smart houses. But in 2016 people want to get away from technical devices when it comes to interior design. "Unplugged" living rooms that create a space the enables tech-less family time and social gatherings are gaining in popularity.

Mix and Match Interiors: This year be bold and burst through boundaries by mixing and matching any and all pieces in your interiors. Combining different textures, colors, eras and styles will bring new life into your space by adding depth and intrigue. 

Statement Mirror: Necklaces aren't the only pieces that can make a statement. Splurge on a surprising new mirror with designs that will wow your guests and catch the eye. Much like white and stainless steel appliances, the tradition oval or rectangle mirror is so last year. 

Fireplaces: Focusing on the fireplace will also be a big trend this year. Arranging furniture to make the fireplace the focal point of a room creates a welcoming feeling, no matter what interior style you have chosen.