The Chair that can Slip Seamlessly from Room to Room!

A slipper chair is an armless, upholstered chair with shorter legs. It sits lower to the ground, so not only does it save space because its total dimensions are less than that of a normal arm chair, but it also can be versatile in its color and style making it the perfect accent piece for any room. Here we've outlined just a few ways to put a slipper chair to use, Fresh has one for each occasion! 

In the foyer: If your foyer seems too open and drafty, try incorporating a slipper chair. As they are more narrow than regular chairs, you can place them against a wall or at the bottom of a stairwell to create a cozier more welcoming entryway.


To accommodate guests: As smaller and lighter chairs, the slipper chair can easily be moved around to fit your needs depending on the type of entertaining you are doing. Having a large party and need lots of seating? Add in some more slipper chairs throughout the room. Or is it an intimate gathering? Just a few around a coffee table can facilitate great conversation. 

In the bedroom: Bedrooms can be large and intimidatingly difficult to fill, but by adding a set of slipper chairs you fill up the room while creating a nice reading area that doesn't lull you to sleep once you're under the covers!

At the window: Sure you could go the traditional route and install a daybed or bench below a large window, or with your new found knowledge of the slipper chair you could set up a couple of these nifty chairs! 

In the home office: Who says office furniture is restricted to a desk and a swivel chair? Add in a slipper chair to cozy the place up, so when you get stiff you have a comfy place to relax.

Where a arm chair just won't fit: As they are slighter than a normal arm chair, the slipper chair can fit in awkward place easily and be switched out more frequently, so as your style and needs change, this accent piece can change with it!