How You Can Rock the Bold Colored Sofa

Sydney in Cayenne

Along with other never-before seen Fresh pieces, we are thrilled to introduce the Sydney at this year's Spring High Point Furniture Market in a color that is both bold and beautiful, cayenne! A colored sofa is not for everyone or every living room, but if you have the itch to try something bright and daring, these tips will help you ease in to choosing a vibrantly hued sofa!

First, determine which colors already make themselves at home in the room, but might be too understated for your liking. Could more of this color enhance the overall aesthetic of the room? Or would an increase in this color overwhelm the senses? 

If you are unsure about a color, test it out. This is easily done by covering your current sofa with a blanket in the color of your desired sofa. Leave it for several days or a couple of weeks to truly get a feel for having a sofa in such a bold color. If you still like it at the end of the trial, go for it! 

Another way to seamlessly incorporate a bright sofa like a professional is to create a neutral background. Make the sofa the room's focal point. Having grey or neutral colored-walls and natural accessories like woods or neutral metals will tone down the vibrancy the sofa brings to a space.

It's also easy to rock a daring-colored sofa by using subtle pieces around the room in the same color as the sofa to tie everything together. By incorporating these smaller accents you create fluid movement across the room.

Or you can always go bold or go home! Choose a contrasting color scheme that is as equally bold as the sofa for the walls and other pieces of furniture. The different colors will be seen as equals and provide an exciting eye-catching twist to the room.