Keep Your Home Looking Fresh By Doing This One Thing

We all know that we should rotate our car tires to ensure even tire wear, which is necessary to extend the life of a set of tires thus saving you money in the long run. But did you know this practice of rotating can also be employed on common household items? This will lengthen their life cycles, which will save you money in the long run and keep your household looking fresh longer. 

  • Rugs: Large area rugs tend to occupy high traffic areas. If you notice one side of your rug receives a lot of foot action while the other side is hidden beneath furniture or pushed against a back wall, rotate the rug so that the area that is tread on less, gets its fair share of action. Additionally, the part of the rug that was used less will look more fresh! 
  • Mattress: You've heard of mattress flipping, but mattress rotating just as important and can save you money. Instead of flipping your mattress, which some people can't do if they have a pillow-top mattress, rotate it so that your head now rests on the mattress where your feet used to. This trick will save you money and help you sleep better! 
  • Couch Cushions: Regularly rotating your couch cushions keep them from fading and losing their shape. Don't just wait for a spill to force you to rotate them, do it on a regular basis for fresh looking cushions and maximum comfort. All of Fresh's sofas, like the Sammi, have cushions that can rotate easily! 
  • Ceiling Fans: Everyone knows that turning on the ceiling fan creates a cool breeze, but most modern ceiling fans now come with a switch that reverses the way the fan blades rotate. Utilizing this reverse-function during colder days will push warm air to the corners of the room, thus spreading the heat! 
  • Everyday Items: Cups, plates and silverware get a lot of use on a day-to-day basis, but how many of these sets of items do you actually use? By rotating use between them, say monthly, will space out the wear and tear, thus letting the pieces last longer. 

Rotate away!