Six Perfect Fresh Pieces for Reading

We recently saw a blog post detailing six ways to read more books this year. This got us thinking about what we would need to read more books, and at the top of our list was a cozy place to curl up with said books. Here are six of our favorite Fresh pieces to settle down with a good book!


The Raleigh chair is classically chic with well-placed armrests, perfect for reading large tomes that can get heavy.


Feeling childish? Go back to your roots on the Bodhi Bean bag. It's the perfect way to relax with a good piece of fiction, just like you're a kid again!


Find you get drowsy while reading? The Loren Chair provides all the support you'll need to stay alert. Set it up next to a bright window, and you've go the perfect reading corner!


If you're reading a book with a book club, perhaps the State Sectional is ideal for you to accommodate all your guests!


The Astrid chair provides a sturdy back and a footrest, which is all you'll need for a long afternoon with a good book! 


Okay, so maybe the reason you're reading a book is to lull yourself into a well-deserved nap, which we totally get! The Daze chaise is just the Fresh piece you need to turn an afternoon of reading into an afternoon of napping!