Six Essential Things to Check Before you Buy that Sofa

Perfect sofa

So, you've done it. You found the sofa. You searched high and low for a sofa that fit your style, your dimensions and your comfort needs for days, weeks, maybe months. But all the hard work is about to pay off...or is it?

With so many options, finding the perfect sofa can be overwhelming and little (but very important) details can slip your attention. If you're not careful, you're perfect sofa might end up being a perfect nightmare. Here we've compiled essential tips for you to follow to make sure your perfect sofa does not come with unwanted surprises.

1. The Frame - Your perfect sofa's frame should be sturdy and NEVER wobbly. If it creaks when you sit on it, this is a sign of a weak frame. 

2. Seat Depth - For optimal comfort, the depth of your sofa seats should depend on your height. For a taller person, sofas with deeper seats will be more comfortable. 

3. Sofa Back - Run your hand along the seat back of the sofa. You do not want to feel bumps or hard spots, especially in tight back sofas. Not only do these cause discomfort, but they can also ruin the look of the sofa over time.

4. The Cushions - Any cushions on the sofa should fit snuggly into place and should feel firm. Cushions that are not snug and are limp will lose their shape easily.

5. The Arms - The arms of a sofa should not jiggle or wobble from side-to-side. This can be a safety hazard as well as a sign of a poorly-made frame. If upholstered, the arms should also be padded for comfort. 

6. The Details - Any buttons or extra elements on a sofa should be secured tightly. If these details are not secured, they can fall off and get lost. As these pieces can also be difficult to replace, the overall look of the sofa will be diminished if this happens. 

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