How to Modernize Your Home On Any Scale

The new year is right around the corner, and what better time to update your home than at the time of resolutions. Whether your home just needs a touch up or a complete facelift, we have the solutions for you no matter the scale you desire.

Living Room

The simplest and cheapest way to bring new life to your living room is to add new colors and patterns to the room through accent pillows, lamps and bouquets of flowers.


If you're ready to turn it into a project, update the space by buying a new sofa and repainting the walls to really give it a fresh look.


Dish towels and new floor mats will instantly update any kitchen. If your feeling overwhelmed and bogged down, try clearing the clutter from counters and adding a fresh bowl of fruit!


Installing new countertops and cabinets is quite the project, but well worth it as it will wow guests every time you host a party.


A fresh and completely different coat of paint on the front door will not only bring a new look to your interior, but it will also renew the exterior of the house. You might love how simple this update is and want to repaint the door monthly according to the color of the month!


Make a bold statement with your entryway by creating a specific feel or theme.


Breathe new life into your home using area rugs. A new rug with a pattern coordinated with the rest of the room can really make a room pop.


Replace your hardwood floors with exciting materials like laminate, tile or even bamboo! Or for a cozier look, install a plush carpet. 


If your home in general is in need of a new look, the walls could be the key. A new color or a modern wallpaper instantly creates a fresh feel.


If you really want to create a new elaborate feel to your home, add wainscoting or crown molding to the walls and ceilings. This will add a luxury feel to any room.