Top Color Pallets for your Midcentury Modern Home

Choosing a color pallet for your home can be a daunting business; after all, color options are nearly limitless. However, if your home is following the wildly popular midcentury modern trend, you might want to consider these color pallets. As they range range from bright hues to more neutral tones, your options are delightfully varied!

Complementary Colors 

felix and balloon ottoman
Incorporating complementary colors, like the blue and yellow in our Felix sectional and  Balloon ottoman, respectively, elicit the bright and cheerful feel of midcentury modern interiors. In addition, complementing the dark blue with the bright yellow adds intrigue and excitement to a room. 

Citrus Tones

citrus astrid


Midcentury modern interiors often boast neutral and bland colors like grey and tan, so adding in citrus tones in accent furniture (like our Astrid chair) and accent pieces is a great way to add in the fresh pop you might desire!

Au Naturel

Another trademark of the midcentury modern design is a lot of brown (as seen in our Leather Winston sofa), tan and beige. Create an instant and exciting focal point with a splash of color here and there to draw the eye in excitedly!

Classic White

Indulge in the more modern side of the trend and go with a white color scheme. It's classic and goes with any other color you choose, and can be spruced up as easily as adding a colorful ottoman or two or three, like our Pho Ottomans!