Dreaming of a White...Interior

There are many misconceptions about using white in interior decorating. Many believe that white is boring, unforgiving and cold, but it doesn't have to be. White is dramatic as it takes on the shade of the colors around it. With the right material, it doesn't have to be unforgiving of messes or mistakes. And with the right lighting, it can be the coziest color (or absence of) in your home. Follow these tips and you won't have to shy away from the bold choice of a white interior.

Pick the Best Shade: White comes in a plethora of different shades and has a myriad of undertones, and you definitely do not have to use the identical one throughout your home or even the same room. Create interesting dynamics by choosing whites with differing undertones for different elements of a room, like the furniture, walls, and decor.

Room in different shades of white

Accessorize with Bold Colors: White provides a great backdrop for the accessories you choose to accent a room with. Bright home products against white will enhance an interior and make it more interesting.

White room with bold accents

Make the Artwork Work for You: Large pieces of artwork brings interesting detail and provides a much needed focal point to a room dominated by white furniture, walls and accessories.

White room with large artwork

Increase Versatility: Like a blank canvas, all white interiors allow you to quickly and simply change the theme of an interior as seasons or trends change. The metallic and darker colored accessories of a winter interior can easily be switched out for the bright and lively accessories of spring and summer.

White room with summer accessories

Warm Up White Interiors: If you feel like all white interiors are still too cold and unwelcoming, incorporate wood into the room. It adds texture and interesting patterns to an all white room and the natural color brings warmth.

White room with wood accessories