Be Bold with Metallics this Season

Winter is coming...but it doesn't have to be as foreboding as it is in HBO's Game of Thrones. In fact, it is the perfect time to incorporate one of the hottest trends into interior design: metallics! Winter is a time for things that glimmer, so use this season to redecorate with the trend that instantly brings glamour to any room. We've gathered together the best tips on how to bring the glitz of metals to a room without going over board this winter.

Start Small - Using metallics can be intimidating because they make such a bold statement. Start out by adding in a touch of metal through accessories such as trays, vases and frames. Once you've built up your confidence in the trend, you can expand into larger metallic pieces. 


Mix It In - Metallics can be cold and overbearing. To avoid this effect, be sure to mix in other, softer, textures. Materials such as velvet, wool, or wood create more dimension and a soothing aesthetic against cool metals. 


Mix It Up - Don't be afraid to mix silver and gold together. While this trend might have been an interior design taboo once, it's now widely accepted and encouraged to add interesting detail to a room. Mixing these two precious metals together will instantly make a room more luxurious.

Stick With Neutrals - When decorating with metallics, it's important to not have them compete against vibrant colors. To have them stand out, stick to a neutral color palette. For brass, darker colors such as black, navy and dark purple work best. If you're decorating with chrome, try lighter colors like white, grey and blue.


Mirror, Mirror - Mirrored furniture is one of the simplest ways to bring the glamour of metallics into your interior designs. You'll be surprised how the metallic surfaces reflect the other colors of the room to create interesting detail instantly.