Thankfully Simple Ways to Decorate your Coffee Table for Thanksgiving

The coffee table is one versatile piece of furniture. Whether it's a place to display books, flowers or pictures or a simple place to store remotes and other family room necessities, it can be the centerpiece of your room that exemplifies your style and personality. It also is one of the easiest places to quickly decorate a room. With Thanksgiving right around the corner and with friends and family sure to gather in your home, here are some easy ways to make your home more festive that you'll be thankful for!

1. Candlesticks - Winter is coming, so it is getting colder. This colder weather makes it the perfect time to use an abundance of candles, which one of the easiest ways to decorate! To bring color and a festive spirit to your coffee table, opt for fall-themed candles.


2. Fall Foliage - A full proof way to quickly spruce up your coffee table for Thanksgiving is fake fall foliage. It's super cheap to acquire and will never die, so you can use it year after year!

3. Bowl of Fall Fruit - Nothing says it's fall quite like a crisp apple, so filling a festive bowl apples as a coffee table centerpiece will surely bring a festive fall feel to your room.

4. Throw Blanket - One of the easiest ways to spruce up your space for Thanksgiving in the middle of fall is to throw a throw blanket over the coffee table. Since it's colder, a throw blanket will create a feeling of warmth and coziness. Plus, it creates an interesting and festive backdrop for your year-long decor.

5. Pumpkins - As Halloween was just a few weeks ago, you probably still have pumpkins lying around the house (if you didn't carve them). These fun fall fruits (yes, a pumpkin is a fruit!) bring a pop of fall coloring and can be placed on a tray, on a mirror or directly on the coffee table.