How To Create the Perfect Bachelor Pad

The term bachelor pad probably draws up many different images, including a fridge full of beer, an oversized television, a leather sectional, and maybe even a mattress on the floor- none of which scream stylish or sophisticated to guests you might be entertaining. However, a bachelor pad doesn't have to look like your college house that you shared with five other guys. In fact, it can show off your interests and personality in style. Creating the perfect bachelor pad can be intimidating, but following these simple guidelines is a good place to start.

Color Scheme- When choosing a color scheme, don't go with the obvious choice of blue just because you're a guy. Using shades of grey or brown can make your space feel more sophisticated. Also, you can easily spruce up these tones with brighter accent colors in your upholstery, decor and trim to bring the room together.  (Photo from

Lighting Options - Perhaps as equally as important as color is your choice in lighting. It might be easier to go with the fluorescent over head light that came with your space, but nothing is harsher and less welcoming. It's better to use strategically placed lamps in the living room and bedroom and brighter lights in the kitchen with dimmers so you can change the mood as you please.

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Window Treatments - While you might like the natural lighting of an uncovered window, you probably don't like it when you're trying to sleep in on the weekends. So, invest in blinds or curtains, so that you aren't blocking out the sun with towels and sheets.  (Photo from

Floors - Hardwood floors, laminates and tiles are all very popular bachelor pad floor choices, but be sure to use an area rug to make your space more inviting and cozy. (Photo from

Wall Art - Wall art doesn't just mean huge psychedelic tapestries covering an entire wall anymore. Here you can show off your personality in an interesting and stylish way. If you love music, framed records or album covers can make great wall art, as can framed movie posters or maps. 

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Seating- When it comes to seating furniture, the sectional is a popular choice because it is big and comfortable and can accommodate large friend groups. But don't shy away from opting for a sofa with coordinating chairs and ottomans. (Photo from

Tables- Keep in mind that while a coffee table is a great place for books, cups, newspapers and your remote, it is not ideal for eating once you reach a certain age. This is why every bachelor pad should have a dining table in addition to a coffee table. (Photo from

So don't let the idea of interior design daunt you. Creating a perfectly stylish and personal bachelor pad is easier than you think!