Not Just Furniture, But a Lifestyle - A High Point Market Takeaway

After a busy week at the High Point Furniture Market, we're finally back in the office and are able to process all that we learned and accomplished last week. We learned that the State Sectional remains one of our most popular pieces. We caught up with old friends and made some new ones. We learned that the Sleepover Ottoman is comfortable enough, and strong enough, to support even an NFL player.


We were rewarded time and again with the compliment that Fresh furniture was stylishly contemporary, yet exceedingly comfortable. But perhaps the greatest thing we learned was that we're not just selling furniture, we're selling a lifestyle, and people are buying into it.

Maybe people bought into the lifestyle because of our most popular item, the State Sectional, which is large enough to accommodate a full group of friends, but also maintains the simple and clean lines of contemporary and modern furniture. 

Or maybe it was the atmosphere that the showroom provided for the buyers. One of the greatest compliments we received was from a buyer who said, "It's not stuffy in here. I feel like I can come in and relax."

Sometimes showrooms give off an air like that of a museum exhibit. But how can you know for a fact that you like a piece of furniture if you can't experience it in a relaxed setting? This is why Fresh Industries aimed to bring a friendly and welcoming atmosphere to the showroom in a contemporary and modern way.

Whatever the reason, the comfortably modern lifestyle image Fresh portrayed definitely contributed to our success at the High Point Market this year. 

Watch this video for more product highlights from the High Point Market and for insights on Fresh's style from President Aaron Sakaria.