A Provocative Color of the Month

As the fall season deepens and the days grow darker, so do the hues seen in fashion and furniture. Pantone's choice for the October Color of the Month combines the fiery passion of red with the sensuous royalty of purple to create a shade that will warm you as the cool temperatures of autumn linger longer and longer. Provocateur is this month's power color that can inspire confidence and add drama to any situation. As its name suggests, a room featuring this intense shade has the ability to incite excitement, command attention, and create a luxurious retreat during the cooler days of October. 


Fresh's Campbell chair can bring October's Color of the Month to your home in a stylish and modern way. With a button-tufted back and tapered wooden legs, the Campbell combines mid-century and modern in an effortless way. See it in our catalogue here.


One of the easiest ways to keep your house trendy is through repainting the front door. It's simple and easily changeable, but it's also bold enough to make a statement.


Using Provocateur in the living room is painless, too. Whether you have a grey theme or a more neutral-colored theme, using accent pillows in this shade of red will break up the monotony of a room.


If you're feeling bold, don't be afraid of incorporating the Color of the Month by adding in dramatic curtains. It will bring new life to a room that's in need of a facelift.


Red is one of the most appetizing colors around, so painting the walls of a dining room in Provocateur will not only add a dramatic and trendy mood to your dining area, but it will also inspire appetites in your dinner guests.