Transform with the Color of the Month: Etnico

September is a month of change. It marks the transition into a new school year, a new season, and, of course, a new color of the month. This month The Color Marketing Group has chosen Etnico to represent the richness of all these exciting changes. As you see this hue in the changing of the leaves and the setting of the autumn sun, you will also see its rich tones of orange and copper in home design. The warmth of this earthy color in interior designs will ensure your home's coziness for when the colder months arrive. Here are our favorite looks of Etnico in the home:

1. The Astrid chair by Fresh is a popular piece! Pictured here in the color of the month, it's simple design and solid color make it perfect to bring the fall style to any room!




2. The color of the month is seen here in the curtains contrasted against the warm brown tones of the wall and the floor boards. Fresh's Rapid Coffee Table would be the perfect accent to a room like this.  

3. This lighter shade of Etnico creates a more cheerful autumn look with an ultimate modern chair. The wallpaper is an Etnico nod to mid-century design.

4. Etnico brings to life this darker room. Because the base of the room is unassuming, the vibrance of etnico is the perfect accent!