#ModernMonday Furniture Spotlight - The Duchess


It’s Monday evening. You were held up at work and the commute home was terrible. The drive consisted of bumper-to-bumper traffic or the train felt more like a can of sardines than a mode of transportation. You walk through your door and pass the side table, which is probably overflowing with unpaid bills. You drop your bag and sink into your sofa.

Your day instantly improves as the stress of the day lifts off of you as you lift your feet off of the floor and onto the Duchess sofa. The Duchess was just what you were looking for. With its sleek and sophisticated look and a luxrious and plush feel fit for royalty, it quickly replaced your college couch that you found on the streets your junior year.

Its decorative back gives it character, and its versatility allowed you to decorate the living room exactly the way you wanted. Now it’s the spot where you host parties on Friday nights, watch TV to your heart’s content on Saturdays, read the newspaper on Sunday mornings, and relax after a hard day's work. So take a load off and put your feet up on the Duchess. You deserve it.