Color of the Month: Vintage Mint

Vintage mint has rolled into August like a midday summer storm to cool off the heat of the month. It has doused the home décor and apparel markets, not shying away from men’s clothing and industrial design, either. Vintage mint, though having origins of popularity in the midcentury, brings a breath of fresh air today that is foretelling of the promises of cooler times ahead with fall right around the corner! If you're daring enough, try sprucing up your life by accenting it with August's color of the month. Here are some of our favorite looks for vintage mint:
Screenshot 2015-08-12 09.49.53
Fresh's Elly chair is the perfect accent piece to bring vintage mint to any room!
Screenshot 2015-08-12 09.43.25
We love how this Kitchen Aid mixing bowl brings August's color of the month to the kitchen in a fresh way. Photo from
Screenshot 2015-08-12 09.38.58
This thoroughly modern dresser is the epitome of what vintage mint is about. Photo from
Screenshot 2015-08-12 09.38.01
This sofa and lamp bring essential color to this room. Photo at
Screenshot 2015-08-12 09.33.54
This deco chair in mint would be the perfect place to curl up with a book on a rainy August afternoon. Picture from