Furniture Fabrics for those with Furry Friends

Make no mistake, people love their pets. We love to cuddle with them, we love to play with them, but above all, we love to spoil them. My family is no different. We painstakingly tried to teach our dogs boundaries, but after a few seconds of them staring at us with those "puppydog eyes," we could not help but give in and let them jump up and cuddle with us on the couch. So, if you're someone who also lives to pamper a pet, and allows them full range of the furniture, keep these pet-friendly fabrics in mind. And hopefully your pet knows how to use furniture better than the ones pictured below.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 11.26.49 AM

Ultrasuede: Ultrasuede is a synthetic fiber that feels like natural suede, but its composition of polyester and polyurethane make it stain- and discoloration-resistant and washer machine-safe. The polyurethane inhibits pilling and fraying. All of which make this a go-to furniture fabric for pet owners.

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Leather: Leather furniture is perfect for pet owners because it is easily wiped down, and fur does not stick to it. If claw marks are a concern, distressed leather will hide such scratches well. Also, leather does not absorb pet dander, thus making it less likely to exude animal smells.

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Crypton: Crypton fabric is made from a patented technology that makes it stain-resistant and inhibits bacteria growth. Crypton treated fabric resists water-based liquids so that they cannot infiltrate the cushion beneath. Sounds like a great fabric for pets who might be tracking in all sorts of things from outside.

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Canvas: Canvas is a cotton-based fabric so tightly-woven that it is waterproof. It also defies frequent stress because of its sturdiness. It might not be the most comfortable indoor furniture fabric, but it's great for outdoor furniture in a yard with pets!

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