Five Reasons to Use Black and White Interior Designs in your Home


  1. Black is Back

            You’ve heard that pink is the new black. You’ve heard that orange is the new black, well now black is the new black. Popularity for black accessories, black fixtures, black hardware and black trim emerged this year.

  1. Creates Visual Impact

            Choosing a large black and white sofa for your living room is a bold statement piece that immediately provides a focal point to a simple room.

  1. Looks Great with the Greige Trend

            The color greige, a mix between grey and beige, is one of the trendiest colors this year, and black and white look great against this new color in any setting.

  1. Perfect for the Minimalist Look

            Without flashy colors, black and white interior décor is an easy way to achieve the minimalist look stylishly without even trying.

  1. It’s Classic

            Like a tuxedo, the black and white look is classic and never goes out of style. Also like a tuxedo, according to Elle DÉCOR, black and white adds glamour to any room, even the bathroom!